It was night. Iceheart looked up at the stars. Suddenly a little tabby she-cat appears <<Iceheart, it is very important. We've lost to many warriors in this season. SunClan will die, if we lost more warriors! Please Iceheart. Silverstar is your sister. Please speak with her>> Iceheart turns over to her <<Perhabs, Liliestail. But you now about our past. And she is only my half-sister. I know that we lost much warriors but Reedfur has born her Kits. They are strong.>><<You are right, Iceheart but how can we sure, that we don´t lost more warriors? The MoonClan makes lots of troubles. They are too strong!>>, answered Liliestail. Iceheart looked at the stars again <<I hope that StarClan helps us...>>